DEC systems for sale by dealer in Florida

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 07:37:31 2004

At 02:50 AM 1/20/04 -0800, Sellam wrote:
>I just found this whilst doing a mostly unrelated search:
>If I'm reading this right, these guys have:
>(1) PDP 11/23 _at_ US$695
>(1) VAX 11/730 _at_ US$995
>(3) VAX 11/750 _at_ US$295 each
>(2) PDP 11/84 _at_ US$1,307.12 each
>...and a plethora of other DEC gear. There's also some HP1000 series
>peripherals and lots of other stuff. Might be worth looking into.

   $268 for a HP 7440 plotter!! $400 for a HP88140 1/4" tape!!!!! You gotta
be joking! I've passed up HUNDREDs of these in trash pliles! All their
prices seem to be like that. This place is about an hour from me and I've
heard of them but no one that i've talked to can deal with them and their
greedy prices.

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