DEC systems for sale by dealer in Florida

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 17:00:58 2004

> A 730 costs MORE than a 750?? I know they're rarer, but... huh?!

I'd _much_ rather have a 11/730 than an 11/750. It's smaller for one
thing (I doubt I'd have space for an 11/750 CPU), and it's a _lot_ easier
to maintain. There are only 2 custom chips in the 730 -- the memory ECC
gate arrays. Everything else is standard parts (including, IIRC, 8 2901s)
and non-protected PALs (loads of them!).

IMHO the 11/730 is one of the few VAXen that I'd want to have to keep

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