4 PDP-11's found (plus RK05's) and VAX 7000 !

From: Fred N. van Kempen <waltje_at_pdp11.nl>
Date: Tue Jan 20 19:43:05 2004

Hi all,

The local scrap dealer has 4 11/34's available (two regular ones,
and two in Tektronix OEM mode, meaning, relabeled) which have a
bunch (I believe I saw 4) RK05-J's and a magtape unit that seems
to be a generic magtape (TU77?).

He also has a VAX 7000 there- given its size I didnt look at that
in any detail.. too big for me.

What would those PDPs be valued for? He'll scrap em for gold,
oviously. I dont need all the Tek programmable power supplies
and (readback) digital voltage meters crap, nor do I want or
need the two or three Tek color terminals (the greenish-silk
screen ones).

Anyone want any of the above? I would like an 11/34 with dual
RK05 out of it, and would hate to see it go to the melter..

Pse reply offlist for quickest response :)

(they're going to the melter tomorrow night..)


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