Catweasel Experts out there???

From: Curt vendel <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 12:42:26 2004


    I've been sitting on some Amiga, C64, Apple ][e and other disks which
I've wanted to read, so for the heck of it I bought a Catweasel ISA card
with DOS drivers to try out.

   I'm wondering if there are any seasoned experts out there that use one of
these little wonders. I hooked it up into my Win 98 system and plugged in
a 1.44MB IBM Floppy and a 1.2MB 5.25" IBM Floppy to it, it sees the 3.5" as
Drive 0: and the 5.25" as Drive 1:

When I put in a disk, it is telling me what it is, for instance an Amiga
880K or a an Apple ][ Disk.

But then I get an error in German:

Allgemeiner Fehler: Das Medium enthalt ein unbekanntes dateisystem

Which translates to:

General Error: The Media Contains an Unknown Filesystem

The only problem is I'm getting this error EVERY time I go to read any of my
disks, except an IBM formatted 720K diskette which actually brings up a
directory, other then that I get nothing but the error above.

Anyone familiar enough with the device and used it enough to know what I may
be doing incorrectly, thanks for the help.

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