Looking for a parallel keyboard

From: Chuck Swiger <cswiger_at_widomaker.com>
Date: Wed Jan 21 11:57:53 2004

Tony and the gang - I just spotted this thread:

>> Does this mean there might be a small market for a PS/2 to parallel
>> keyboard converter? I can envision two modes, output only, where ASCII

>That was my first thought -- a PC keyboard + a microcontroller. Shouldn't
>be too hard to write the firmware....

>Of course, not being the business type, I would probably have GPLed it,
>not tried to sell it ;-)


fwiw I did that a few years ago, using an 87C750 (almost a classic itself by
now) and a hacked up version of Phillips AN434 "Connecting a PC keyboard to
the I2C bus". Photos here

it works for me. In the blurry photo, the leftmost bit is the keypress strobe,
goes off when a key is pressed; and a c/r was hit before the photo. If someone
needs one I can (maybe) burn an OTP chip but you'll have to build the circuit.
Modified firmware free. Has shift, lock and ctrl, etc.

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