Modern Tube computing

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 12:16:33 2004

Quothe William Donzelli, from writings of Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at
10:43:38AM -0500:

> This is why I really can't stand the tube audio world - there is too much
> junk science, snake oil, prejudice, and false rumors. Anything to make the
> rare old stock "sound" better.

Something tells me that when Western Electric resumes the manufacture
of the 300B (perhaps some time this year), there will be people eager
to pay much higher prices for NOS 300B tubes because they will believe
them to sound better, more "musical", "sweeter", "less nasal" or
whatever other ridiculous term they might come up with for how they
believe the tubes to sound.

Now then, just imagine how one could market a tube-based computer to
those computer aficionados who share certain traits with the
golden-eared audiophiles. Perhaps even the addition of a tube-based
keyboard interface of some sort, for PeeCees, would demand high prices
for its ability to make the characters enter the computer in a more
"flowing" and "ethereal" way. (ROFL!) Perhaps even using tubes as
analog components in network interfaces, to improve the sound of
digital audio, to make it sound "less harsh" would be an idea that
certain people would drool over. Perhaps one could also sell them
replacement gold-plated sockets and anode connectors for the picture
tubes in their monitors... any investors out there who want to invest
in some of my ideas? I've got even more related ideas, so, don't
delay, $$$s are being lost by the second! :-)

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