For Pickup: Sun 386i, NJ Area

From: Nathan E. Pralle <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 21:24:38 2004

In northern NJ, near to Morristown:

Can you provide a Sun 386i with a good home?

System: 386i-250 (CPU 25MHz, 8MB RAM) (vintage: 1989)
Hard drive: 600 MB (CDC WREN V)
Monitor: GDM-1604-15 (Sony Trinitron, 16")
Keyboard: Type 4, with optical mouse.
Tape drive: model Exp-1 (6" x 4" cartridge, 1/4 inch tape)
Documentation: complete set.

Machine is in working condition except for minor problems: diskette
drive is temperamental, power supply for tape drive has failed, TOD
clock battery needs replacement. RS232 port is functional, status of
parallel port and ethernet port is unknown.

Please contact me off-list at and I will put you in contact
with the owner.

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