Old device (eg vacuum tube) documentation

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Date: Thu Jan 22 19:55:00 2004

>> It's an RCA reference book from 1963, and it contains [...]
> If the cover sez "RCA Receiving Tubes" it's a reasonably available
> book, and even reprinted. There's a number att he bottom, RC-18 or
> something like that, there's versions up to RC-39 (or whatever the
> prefix is). If it's some obscure industrial types the data could be
> hard-to-find.

It's not "RCA Receiving Tubes". "RCA Reference Book", maybe.

It's small, about three inches by six, some 340 pages. I scanned the
front cover and the title page; the resulting jpeg files are up for
anonymous ftp from ftp.rodents.montreal.qc.ca in /mouse/misc/rca-book/
under the names cover.jpg and title.jpg. For size reference, the scans
are at 100 pixels to the inch.

> What with the ads you say it has it's likely not just an RCA tube
> manual. I wouldn't want to part with it either, lots o'pretty
> pictures and cool tech culture stuff.

And for me, rather sentimental; it has been my reference for tube
pinouts and heater parameters for as long as I've been doing
electronics - I was doing tubes before I started doing solid state.

But no, it's not just tubes. The receiving tubes section is perhaps
the largest single section, but it's only one of about a dozen
sections, and is no more than about 1/5 of the book.

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