New Classic Finds and etc. (Long)

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Date: Fri Jan 23 14:52:53 2004

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Christian Fandt wrote:

> The OS's that are said in that website to be used in the GRiDLite are
> PenPoint, Penwindows, PenRight. What are all these??

PenPoint was Go Corporation's attempt at a pen-based OS (i.e. for tablet
computers). PenWindows was Microsoft's obligatory attempt to hijack the
market from Go (Read Jerry Kaplan's _Startup_ for a great story). I've
never heard of PenRight.

> find funds: three brand new Tandy 100's plus carrying cases, two of the
> little PC2's with printers and a PC1 with printer, all with bunches of s/w
> & accessories went for only $200 for the lot. I scrounged up about $150 for
> all the rest of the stuff described here.

$200 is a tad steep for that lot. $150 would be more acceptable.

> Just need a toner cartridge for the LJ III as the photodrum has a seemingly
> permanent toner stain on its surface and horizontal groove along its length
> from where the toner scraper had set stationary for 10+ years. Leaves a
> horiz. line and faint blotches on printed sheets. Will not cleanup by
> itself. Okay for draft printing but not for stuff one would want to archive
> such as DEC manual reprints, etc. (or my college homework :-). Anybody know
> if touching the photodrum with cleaner of some sort and soft cloth will
> destroy it?? The built-in scrapper will not clear the stuck-on toner. Still
> that darned groove though . . .

Don't bother...I've got a bunch of these surplus. Let me know if you want
one or more and I'll send them out to you (along with the SCSI cables
you wanted).

> Also, anybody have a JetDirect Ethernet card for the LaserJet III they
> could part with? Cannot yet determine the exact part # at this time via
> online searches. No mention in manual as this option may not have been
> developed at time of publication (1990). They became available later.

I have a Token Ring JetDirect adapter for this if you want to connect it
to your Token Ring network :)

> Some of that heap of On topic and Off topic NOS PeeCee boards and misc
> stuff include a Copy II PC board including manual and disk, a dozen or so


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