New Classic Finds and etc. (Long)

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 14:44:23 2004

Upon the date 12:52 PM 1/23/04 -0800, Vintage Computer Festival said
something like:
>On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Christian Fandt wrote:
> > The OS's that are said in that website to be used in the GRiDLite are
> > PenPoint, Penwindows, PenRight. What are all these??
>PenPoint was Go Corporation's attempt at a pen-based OS (i.e. for tablet
>computers). PenWindows was Microsoft's obligatory attempt to hijack the
>market from Go (Read Jerry Kaplan's _Startup_ for a great story). I've
>never heard of PenRight.

Thanks for the info Sellam. I can't tell without tearing into the screen
assembly if this machine has a touch type screen for pen use in order to
utilize the subject OS's. Curious.

For the other listeners, recall we're talking about a Grid Systems GRiDLite
Plus model 1040. Are these the only OS's this thing works with? I'm a
little surprised somebody hasn't commented on this machine as I thought
there was some interest in those oddball Grid machines. I have heard of one
or two collectors who specialize in Grid Systems gear but don't recall who.
I still want to learn more about this model and especially repair it except
I'm stymied with the dearth of any info accessible through web searches.

Info still wanted on the Panasonic CF-150B Business Partner. I did learn it
was basically the same as one of those R/S Tandy LCD laptop models (the
1100 or something?). Anyway, good little machine to run my EPROM
programmers or control other simple hardware apps around here if I can get
the danged FDD to work :-/

> > find funds: three brand new Tandy 100's plus carrying cases, two of the
> > little PC2's with printers and a PC1 with printer, all with bunches of s/w
> > & accessories went for only $200 for the lot. I scrounged up about $150 for
> > all the rest of the stuff described here.
>$200 is a tad steep for that lot. $150 would be more acceptable.

Well, I think 200 may indeed be closer. To make things shorter I did not
list all the details and stuff included with the whole Tandy pile. Recall I
indicated these were mostly NOS, and specifically one Model 100 was still
sealed in original packaging, another in a really convenient fitted
hardcase with a bunch of accessories and manuals (all NOS again), a third
in a nice leatherette satchel with accessories. Then there's the two or
maybe three PC2's and two PC1's, all in original packaging with printer/AC
power unit cradles plus a lot of s/w titles in shrinkwrap plus lots more .
I discovered that a local ham bought the pile for the Model 100's in order
for him and a couple friends to use them with packet and maybe RTTY.

      < My discussion of a new LJ III and my need of a new toner cartridge
was here.>

>Don't bother...I've got a bunch of these surplus. Let me know if you want
>one or more and I'll send them out to you (along with the SCSI cables
>you wanted).

Okay Sellam, I'll need to take a couple of the 95A's. A while before I got
this message offering them I bid on a new-packaged toner on e*ay for a bid
of $9.75 plus $12 s&h, which I though was reasonable (well, compared to
$95). It was from out East in Jersey, sort of close to me. But I got sniped
by just three seconds at the end and lost it by $0.50. Oh well, I'd much
rather deal with you plus getting parts from you will be "keeping it within
the family" :-) Contact me privately with what you have come up with and
costs. (Thanks!)

> > Also, anybody have a JetDirect Ethernet card for the LaserJet III they
> > could part with? Cannot yet determine the exact part # at this time via
> > online searches. No mention in manual as this option may not have been
> > developed at time of publication (1990). They became available later.
>I have a Token Ring JetDirect adapter for this if you want to connect it
>to your Token Ring network :)

Token Ring? Nah, I think the CAT5, 10BaseT (Thinnet) and possibly ARCNET
networks I'm fiddling with in this house is enough to mess with for now
;) DECNET *may* possibly come after I get my uVAX and VAX 11/730 running
and lashed up to the rest of the house plus obtain an OpenVMS hobbyist license.

Check which
describes exactly what I am looking for. I'm very likely gonna try for this
as it is from up in Williamsville, just north of Buffalo, which is "close"
to me (~90 miles). Shipping may not add to much to cost as he says it is 3
lbs and will go by USPS. One bid now at $9.99, but what is his upper end??
Do you folks think $15-$16 plus postage should get it? (yeah, talk about
unanswerable questions :-/ but opinions welcome). Otherwise, everybody
please note that my quest continues for one of these.

> > Some of that heap of On topic and Off topic NOS PeeCee boards and misc
> > stuff include a Copy II PC board including manual and disk, a dozen or so

Thanks, and there's a few other interesting goodies in that heap that I did
not mention as they don't come to mind presently (I tucked most of it away
in my storage unit and need to go through it. But the daytime temp. has
averaged around 0 to 15 degrees F in the past several weeks so I'm not too
inclined to go over there :-)

BTW, regarding other New Finds, I forgot to mention that over a year ago I
was given a Tandy Model 16 with some s/w, Tandy Xenix for a Model 6000 on
8" floppies, versions from around 1.x plus updates through ver. 3.2.0 (this
works on the 16??) plus a Tandy DT-1 dumb terminal of which its case looks
much like a Tandy Model III. The 16 was used in the local Alltel central
office to record tolls on a certain group of trunks -as I recall the info
from the phone company switch technician who rescued this stuff for me. I
think the software for that job is included in the pile.

Anybody have a keyboard and cable for the 16 available? The original got
lost sometime over the years it was sitting around the phone company storeroom.

Regards, Chris


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