8" floppy drive for PC, RS/6000, 68k Mac or Alpha

From: Nico de Jong <nico_at_farumdata.dk>
Date: Sun Jan 25 00:41:34 2004

From: "Doc Shipley" <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>

> I have a YE Data YD-180 drive

Lucky you. I have 1 or 2 too, but they are getting hard to find (in Europe

> According to a couple of comp.os.cpm posts, it's a standard interface
> DSDD 1.2MB drive with DC24V/DC5V input.
> And, most importantly, that drive *will* format a disk as IBM 3740
> format, right?

Yes, physically. The drive as such is stupid, so it will depend on your
It can read and write anything from SSSD (= 251K) to DSDD (1.1 M)

Remember though, that track 0 always is formatted as SSSD. Contact me if you
need more info

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