Catweasel Experts out there???

From: Nico de Jong <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 00:49:18 2004

From: "Jim Battle" <>

> there are three disk formats that I would personally find useful to be
able to
> decode -- 8" Helios, 8" Wang 2200, and 5.25" Northstar. Guess what --
> all three are hard sectored formats.

I just checked my format list, and guess what : I found Wang 2200, meaning
that the logical format of the Wang 2200 is known. The other ones I couldnt
find, but that does not mean that they cannot be read. I will probably be
able to take diskdumps. They might even be known under other names.
If could have a couple of disks, I would be happy to try it out


PS : nobody ever reacted on my idea of setting up a MSB. Not "most
significant bits", but "museum service bureau".

Am I that far off ?
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