DECnet/E and DECnet-Plus

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 16:29:31 2004

>it uses for terminal connections. Try to set host
>from the RSTS/E system to the DECnet-Plus system and
>see what the ensuing OPCOM message whines about. If it's
>not 42, then you have your answer. You then get to
>release a few white mice on a blue-green planet to
>find the question (I'm not prepared to wait a few
>million years, but I bet the question will be
>"How do I persuade DECnet-Plus to use the old

<sigh> I wish I'd thought of that, oddly enough, I don't get any messages at all on the VMS server! I'm thinking that my problems might largely be with the way DECnet is configured on the RSTS/E side of things. I've got the System Installation manual, but it's not been of much help. At least the System Managers Manual helped me get LAT working.


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