DECnet/E and DECnet-Plus

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 18:26:22 2004

> <sigh> I wish I'd thought of that, oddly enough, I don't get
> any messages at all on the VMS server! I'm thinking that my
> problems might largely be with the way DECnet is configured
> on the RSTS/E side of things. I've got the System

I've got precisely one RSTS/E manual, it might even be one of
the DECnet ones; I'll have a look tomorrow.

One quick check might be to SET HOST to your DECnet-Plus node
from somewhere else and verify that you get OPCOM messages
(as it's possible to disable them).

An alternative is to grant yourself NET$TRACEALL and then try:
Now you should at least see some traffic arriving (although
figuring out the problem will involve some knowledge of
DECnet NSP).

Assuming events do display on the console but you see nothing (and
or see nothing in TRACE), the next possibility
is that the RSTS/E system thinks that the node you want is actually
somewhere else. I know nothing about RSTS/E, but if this is a
possibility try SET HOST to the full numeric address rather than
a name.

If you still see no activity, perhaps there is something that sends
the RSTS system off to the wrong place (after all, it said that the
incoming area 60 connection was from area 1). Maybe RSTS does not
implement the area stuff properly (any chance it might be Phase III?)
If you can persuade your hub/switch to monitor traffic connected
to the RSTS box, see if you can do an ethereal trace and decode
the AA-00-04-00 address the RSTS box sends traffic to.

If the RSTS box does turn out to be running Phase III DECnet rather
than Phas IV, I think all bets are off (although you can in that
case probably use poor-man's-routing through a Phase IV box).


Antonio Carlini   
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