HP2000/Access - (hpemu clarification)

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Sun Jan 25 21:00:10 2004

I had written....
> > >{my emulator} emulates not just a CPU, but a whole
> > >computer room full of separate (or connected) HP systems, printers,
To which Mike Gemeny replied...
> > Just for the record SIMH does too, it now has all of the peripherals
required to run Access.

Ummm no, I don't think SIMH does do this. Perhaps I didn't clearly say what
I meant. HPEMU (my emulator) supports emulating multiple HP systems
simultaneously, on one real machine. You can configure an HP21MX running
RTE, an HP2100 running 2000E, and an HP2114 running DOS, and a SINGLE copy
of HPEMU runs ALL three complete computer systems, each with their own set
of different peripherals...simultaneously. That's what I mean by it emulates
not just a "cpu". I didn't mean it also emulates peripherals, which it does,
I mean it emulates multiple separate HP computer systems (cpu AND
peripherals), and actually executes them at the same time. You can specify
links between the systems if you want... like sync interfaces, serial cable
connects, etc. So the multiple systems being emulated can actually talk to

To my knowledge the only way SIMH might do this is if you ran multiple
copies of SIMH, perhaps in separate windows. And even then, not sure it
would let you cross connect cables between the systems. But I may be wrong
about this.

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