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From: John K. <john3000_at_cox.net>
Date: Fri Jan 23 20:51:33 2004

At 2004-01-23 10:32 AM, Mike Gemeny wrote:


> > I hope so too. Not many systems were 21MX-E, but as I recall, GMU was
> and it was reported that it was quite noticeably faster.

Yes, GMU had an HP 2000 ACCESS system with 21MX-E processors, 7920 disc (50
MB of which the ACCESS operating system could only address the first 33
MB), 32K WORDS of RAM in each processor, 32 MUX ports, SYNC card (for RJE),
7970 1600 BPI tape, and an HP 2640B terminal as the console.

I was the system manager for the GMU HP 2000 from its delivery in August,
1978 until I left GMU in January, 1984. At the time we received the system
(August, 1978), we were told that our system was one of the last two off
the assembly line - how accurate that claim was, I don't know.

At one time GMU had the HP 2000 ACCESS source code, operating system
manuals, patching instructions, etc. I used the source code and manuals to
patch the ACCESS OS we used. The patch made using the HP 2640B terminal as
the system console a much more pleasant experience. Basically, it changed
the normal console backspace from a backspace and underscore to a backspace
and a bell (a one byte patch).

At various times we had to limp along with a 2100 processor while repairs
were made to our 21MX-E processor. Many years have gone by, but I remember
the 2100 as being VERY much slower. Was the 21MX-E twice as fast? Three
times as fast? I can't say - too many years have gone by.


> > >> How much disk are you running?
> >
> > My recollection is that the 7900 is 2.5 Meg words or 5 Meg bytes, and
> that the 7905 is 7.5 Meg words or 15 Meg bytes,
> > feel free to offer information to the contrary.

I believe that is correct. GMU had a single 7920 50 Mb disc, but HP custom
formatted it for use by the HP 2000 ACCESS. If I remember correctly, a
disc diagnostic/utility program (which I think was called SLUTH) was used
to configure the drive. I'm guessing that the drive was formatted as
having a total of 65,535 sectors, which is approximately 33 Mb.
Question: How are the 7905 and 7906 discs you are using formatted?


> > Mike.
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