This just makes me really SICK

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Subject: Re: This just makes me really SICK

> You're right William. We as collectors need to pony up and be willing to
> the price over scrap. However, I have delt with a couple scrappers who
> me "Oh, I can get $XXX for that in scrap" and I wonder how valid those
> prices are. How can we know? I believe one scrapper told me that for a 6
> foot rack with a 21MX cpu and a small QIC tape drive and small HPIB drive
> (each of the later units is 19 inches wide, about 4 inches tall, 15 inches
> deep, and weighs about 15 pounds so we're not talking lots of metal)...
> he could get $140 for the scrap metal from it. Is this about right or
> off-base?

Of course I can only talk about Denmark, but the way I see it, he is as
filled with lies as a cow with crap.
Any item to be recycled, must be treated in certain ways. For cars, e.g.,
various fluids, batteries, etc have to be removed, etc. The same for
fridges, where also the motors have to be removed.
In short, the work (and the cost of it) involved is so high, that "raw"
things to be recycled cannot be sold. You are lucky to be able to deliver
them free of charge at a community recycling center (and that is for private
households only). Companies have to PAY to get their shit out of the door.

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