This just makes me really SICK

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 14:07:04 2004

> Of course I can only talk about Denmark, but the way I see it, he is as
> filled with lies as a cow with crap.
> Any item to be recycled, must be treated in certain ways. For cars, e.g.,
> various fluids, batteries, etc have to be removed, etc. The same for
> fridges, where also the motors have to be removed.

Why you fuzzy-headed Danes must be some sorta communist
enveero-mentalists or sumptin! Why here in the US nothing holds back
profit, and someone else's grandkids'll clean up the mess.

While there are increasingly stringent requirements for some industries,
for most there are mostly only faint requirements on toxic material
disposal in the U.S. A surplus place I go to here in Calif. has
poverty-wage people standing in puddles of mud and goo, chopping copper
off transformers with bolt cutters and saws, sorting metals into bins to
be shipped to Taiwan. I know the owner. This is common practice. You
should see what most auto-wrecker yards do. It's unbelievable what goes
on here sometimes.

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