MicroVAX I update

From: Witchy <witchy_at_binarydinosaurs.co.uk>
Date: Mon Jan 26 15:11:26 2004

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> > it still gets the same error and stops at 3 with an error
> > on the console of '00000000 03'
> I thought that stopping at 03 just meant that it
> wanted you to tell it the boot device manually.

*embarassed* :)

Well, sort of. If I type 'b' (single char commands only) it tries to boot
but gives up saying 'none of the bootable devices contain a program image'.
The activity LED on the RD52 (DUA0?) stays on and I can't get any signs of
life out of the RX50 (DUA1/DUA2?) so fingers are now pointing at the RQDX1
being uphappy, so tomorrow I'll take the drive out of my 'parts' UV2000
(that's what it says on the label!) and pair it up with the spare RQDX3 I
found in my cards storage. If that fails I'll dismantle the uPDP again and
use the RQDX3 out of that. Should have another RD54 floating round too.


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