This just makes me really SICK

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 15:26:37 2004

Yes, it is unbelieveable. The horror stories I've heard and personally
been involved with indicate that facts have little to do with what
actually happens. For example, a friend had an environmental person come
into where he worked and asked if anyone wanted to make a complaint
about a neighboring business as he was in a bad mood and wanted to nail
someone. Or the situation where a PC shop was closed down because of a
neighboring fire. Or people I've talked to who *used* to work for
government environmental agencies about what actually goes on. The
emotional response to many things are rather indicative that our
education system is a failure, preferring to promote actions by emotions
rather than backed up by facts. I got out of the business before I
killed someone; I am rather intolerant of stupidity (not pointing at
this list, but rather the actions done in the name of "protecting" the

A saying I happen to like is there would be no such thing as the
Environmental Movement t'were it not for scientific illiteracy. If the
goal were *really* to clean up pollution, then we would not be dealing
with countries whose idea of waste disposal is to dump it in the river.

Tom Jennings wrote:
> > Of course I can only talk about Denmark, but the way I see it, he is as
> > filled with lies as a cow with crap.
> > Any item to be recycled, must be treated in certain ways. For cars, e.g.,
> > various fluids, batteries, etc have to be removed, etc. The same for
> > fridges, where also the motors have to be removed.
> Why you fuzzy-headed Danes must be some sorta communist
> enveero-mentalists or sumptin! Why here in the US nothing holds back
> profit, and someone else's grandkids'll clean up the mess.
> While there are increasingly stringent requirements for some industries,
> for most there are mostly only faint requirements on toxic material
> disposal in the U.S. A surplus place I go to here in Calif. has
> poverty-wage people standing in puddles of mud and goo, chopping copper
> off transformers with bolt cutters and saws, sorting metals into bins to
> be shipped to Taiwan. I know the owner. This is common practice. You
> should see what most auto-wrecker yards do. It's unbelievable what goes
> on here sometimes.
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