HP2000/Access - (hpemu clarification)

From: Mike Gemeny <MGemeny_at_pgcps.org>
Date: Mon Jan 26 20:09:55 2004

Jay wrote:
>To my knowledge the only way SIMH might do this is if you ran multiple
>copies of SIMH, perhaps in separate windows. And even then, not sure it
>would let you cross connect cables between the systems. But I may be wrong
>about this.
Yep, that?s the way the Access Zip launches SIMH to run Access or ?F?. The two
occurrences of SIMH are connected with a pair of sockets.
Sure, we know it?s inefficient. But just now, it?s the only way to run ?F? or Access,
without real hardware, and, they both do run under simulation, IOP and all!
I had a guest come over this past weekend with a set of tapes and we were able
to read and reload his tapes into a running simulation. All in all, we spent 9 hours
at it, and 2 of those were spent breaking into his system.
What we ended up doing was to ?RESTORE? a $HELLO from some other HIBE
tape in order to get past his ridiculously tight security. We had a blast banging
our heads together on it, but I want to let him tell that story.
The bottom line is that Access IS ALIVE under simulation!!!!
It only gets better from here? Take the ZIP for a spin!
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