HP2000/Access - (hpemu clarification)

From: ed sharpe <esharpe_at_uswest.net>
Date: Tue Jan 27 00:38:59 2004

interesting thing we had on the access system two things actually... one was
a bbs with 100 message boards, mail system and vote and a multi user chat
that worked through writing and reading a disc file......

the other was a giant space war game that had the universe held in a
matrix in a disc file.... before I got lock feet for the 2883 we would have
to come in a kick it back into place after the local kids spent all nite
playing the game.... I wonder if my old tapes will still load.. guess I am
looking for a tape drive that will hook to a pc with controller ready to go
turnkey... any suggestions?

ed sharpe archivist for smecc
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Subject: HP2000/Access - (hpemu clarification)

> Jay wrote:
> >To my knowledge the only way SIMH might do this is if you ran multiple
> >copies of SIMH, perhaps in separate windows. And even then, not sure it
> >would let you cross connect cables between the systems. But I may be
> >about this.
> Yep, that?s the way the Access Zip launches SIMH to run Access or ?F?. The
> occurrences of SIMH are connected with a pair of sockets.
> Sure, we know it?s inefficient. But just now, it?s the only way to run ?F?
or Access,
> without real hardware, and, they both do run under simulation, IOP and
> I had a guest come over this past weekend with a set of tapes and we were
> to read and reload his tapes into a running simulation. All in all, we
spent 9 hours
> at it, and 2 of those were spent breaking into his system.
> What we ended up doing was to ?RESTORE? a $HELLO from some other HIBE
> tape in order to get past his ridiculously tight security. We had a blast
> our heads together on it, but I want to let him tell that story.
> The bottom line is that Access IS ALIVE under simulation!!!!
> It only gets better from here? Take the ZIP for a spin!
> Mike.
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