VAX/VMS 9trk tape success

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 23:20:05 2004

 Thanks to many, in particular Witchy (cheers, mate! absolutely *brill*)
for the info on sysgenning SCSI stuff into VMS.

$mou MKB0:
 _label: test
$copy welcome.txt mkb0:
[spin/stop - spin/stop - spinspin stop]
$dir MKB0:
[spin/stop etc etc]

Directory MKB0:[]


Total of 1 files

$type MKB0:welcome.txt
[glorious spinning/stopping]

       Welcome to OpenVMS VAX V7.2


 Now I can read/write 9trk tape to laptop and/or VAXstation.


Next: Ethernet....


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