VAX/VMS 9trk tape success

From: Witchy <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 05:16:29 2004

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> Subject: VAX/VMS 9trk tape success
> Thanks to many, in particular Witchy (cheers, mate! absolutely *brill*)
> for the info on sysgenning SCSI stuff into VMS.

Glad it worked; all that stuff's still in my head, it's only this list that
stops it from being buried under knowledge of different types of wood for
DIY :)

> $type MKB0:welcome.txt
> [glorious spinning/stopping]

It's not that glorious when it's 3am and you're waiting for a VMS 5 upgrade
to possibly not work....ah, happy days. People used to ask me why I had
food-selling establishments for all my passwords back then - after several
hours in an aircon computer room the only thing you can think of is hot food
and/or blankets!


Adrian/Witchy - possibly the UK's biggest online computer museum - ex-monthly gothic shenanigans :o(
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