cow-orkers Was: Re: Estimated Price Of A "Classic" PDP-8?

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Date: Tue Jan 27 15:54:32 2004

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>> where did that start? I'm sure I remember seeing the "cow orker" typo in
>> usenet postings about ten years ago, but maybe it has a history far
>> older than that...
>I'm sure it's been in common parlance for longer
>than this, but my other online home at
>(currently offline for upgrades) coined the term
>'orking' for a picture of an animal that had its nose
>too close to the camera lens, and from that the 'new'
>term of a cow-orker was born, but from sniffing around
>USENET archives it seems it's been around for longer
>than the last couple of years :)


My first try on this list. Hope this works. :)

I recall using cow-orker as early as my FIDOnet days (up til 1993).
It seems to go back as far as the late 80's. I just loked around and
found this URL...

Excerpts from
The earliest reference in GoogleGroups is from a signature
file posted to on June 27, 1989...

The same author used it in his signature file for posts
to through August 11, 1989...

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