VAX test program

From: Michael Sokolov <msokolov_at_ivan.Harhan.ORG>
Date: Tue Jan 27 16:04:07 2004

I have written a VAX test program that probes various intricate aspects of the
VAX that is running on in the areas that are defined as implementation-dependent
or UNPREDICTABLE by VARM. It runs in user mode under Berkeley UNIX. Any flavor
of Berkeley VAX UNIX should do, including Ultrix, although I can't make any
guarantees about NetBSD as it has strayed so far from Berkeley UNIX that it has
no business running on a VAX really. So if you have always wondered how exactly
does your VAX handle something that VARM lists as UNPREDICTABLE, and you have
Berkeley UNIX running, this program will tell you.

The source is available on my FTP site at:


I have run it on my CVAXen and the output is in the same directory on the FTP
site in file results.cvax. I will run it on a MicroVAX II in a couple of weeks
(when I put one together for testing) and on Rigel in a few months (when I port
4.3BSD-Quasijarus to it).

I have no other VAX implementations to test on, and I solicit input from the
community. If you have a VAX on which you can run this program (i.e., one that
runs any version of Berkeley UNIX or Ultrix), please run it and post or send me
the output. I need to determine the characteristics and quirks of as many VAX
implementations as possible. (If you are wondering why, this has to do with my
project of designing and building a new VAX. Yes, I know that I simply need to
follow the VAX spec and strictly speaking I don't need to look at any other
implementations, but there is also the real world.)

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