Sort of OT: Hakko Solder equipment

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 03:04:41 2004

   Nowhere near 10 years old, but ClassicCmp is the place most likely to

   A surplus barn here is getting a huge lot of factory refurb Hakko 939
solder stations. He says he'll be getting $150 for them, with a 90-day
warranty from Hakko. He has one as a sample from his supplier, and it
looks NIB.

   That unit is much more sophisticated than I really need. I convert
serial & graphics cables for my toys, touch up the odd dry joint or
scratched-out trace, chase fire ants, and hack potentially lethal PSUs
into my print servers. (Yeah, I had to go there) However, even a
decent used setup that'll behave nicely for what I do is going to run
me $100, so I'd rather splurge a little than inherit somebody else's
scorch marks.

   Back to the point, has anyone on-list used Hakko gear? Like it, or

   Or does anybody have a recommendation for a better deal in the
$100-150 range?

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