Sort of OT: Hakko Solder equipment

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 12:37:39 2004


  A friend of mine uses the Hakko stuff and really loves them. He picks
them up at the hamfests for $30 or $40. I think $150 is way out of line.
Check E-bay and see what they're going for there. Personally I use an
adjustable temp controlled Weller solder station and I'm very happy with
it. If you do get the Hakko unit make dammed sure that you get the metal
card that lets you reset the terperature. They frequently show up without
the card but you can't change the temperature without it.


At 03:04 AM 1/30/04 -0600, you wrote:
> Nowhere near 10 years old, but ClassicCmp is the place most likely to
> A surplus barn here is getting a huge lot of factory refurb Hakko 939
>solder stations. He says he'll be getting $150 for them, with a 90-day
>warranty from Hakko. He has one as a sample from his supplier, and it
>looks NIB.
> That unit is much more sophisticated than I really need. I convert
>serial & graphics cables for my toys, touch up the odd dry joint or
>scratched-out trace, chase fire ants, and hack potentially lethal PSUs
>into my print servers. (Yeah, I had to go there) However, even a
>decent used setup that'll behave nicely for what I do is going to run
>me $100, so I'd rather splurge a little than inherit somebody else's
>scorch marks.
> Back to the point, has anyone on-list used Hakko gear? Like it, or
> Or does anybody have a recommendation for a better deal in the
>$100-150 range?
> Doc
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