Socal HP1000's, tape drives more

From: Andreas Holz <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 02:11:47 2004

Mike Ford wrote:

> I was at GoldenWest Surplus, 346 American Circle, Corona, CA 92880
> and they were unloading a stakebed truck load of HP stuff and tape
> stuff like a cleaner verifyer and some Bell and Howell thingy with
> banks of meters below the drive. I saw at least half a dozen HP1000
> units in racks, and about the same number of 7870 tape drives. One
> three rack thingy was a HP measurement system, and another rack was
> full of instruments of various kinds. Condition "looked" working or
> stored once working. And a couple mini fridge sized disk drives too I
> think.
> The deal. <as I understand it>
> Somebody bought this load at auction, and got Goldenwest to haul it to
> Corona where that someone will be pulling what they want in the next
> couple days, then the rest belongs to Goldenwest. The owner of
> Goldenwest, Mark, wont say diddly about it until it belongs to him,
> but it sounds like he is open to offers as soon as the guy says I'm
> done take it. Mark is pretty much bottom line oriented, won't talk
> about it until the deal is ready, but if you are local and prepared to
> make a serious offer a call might not be a bad idea in the next day or
> so. Coordination on the list prior to calling might be a good idea,
> and with that I am for the most part out of the loop. ;) (909) 340-1501
Why one can find these stuff only in the US? :'(

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