Sun MBus & SBus stuff (was Re: new find: Sun Ultra 10)

From: Steve Jones <>
Date: Sat Jan 31 19:15:08 2004

> Of course what I drool over are the dual 50Mhz M-Bus modules

I've got an SS10 running an SM52 (501-2780 IIRC) that's been
doing yeoman service for the past eight years at least, 24x7
by 365. (It lost *both* disks just two months ago, so I feel
relatively safe tepting fate like this ;^)

I've got another SM52, but this 501-2444 doesn't play nice
with the other SM52 and may in fact not work properly at
all. Never got back to checking it out...

I'm still tickled at having a pair of SM91's - I'd never
seen any 'til these showed up on eBay. Got a late PROM for
my SS20 and brought 'em up, but it kept crashing when I
wasn't paying attention, so they're waiting for more round
tuit's to accumulate.

> I'm always interested in SBus stuff, even if only to
> turn green at cards others have :)

Don't know if turning funny colors is called for, but my
favorites are the SWIFT combo cards - hme 100baseT and a
"fast" wide SCSI interface.

Oddest one I've got is a Parsytec BBK-S4 Adapter - lets an
SBus system talk to Transputers. Of which I have none, but
I guess it's good to Be Prepared... Has a T222 'puter on
it, but there's no software in sight.

I suddenly doubled the number of SBus cards I own when I
was picking up SS1000 system boards. I've got hold of 8
SM81's to load up an SS1000, and three of the later "E"
system boards, and am hoping that it'll all work with a
non-"E" enclosure/backplane. That thing's heavy, I don't
relish having to swap it to make that happen...

If anyone's sitting on a CompuPro NS16032 board & docs
and wants a bunch of SBus or Qbus stuff, let me know.

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