Sun MBus & SBus stuff (was Re: new find: Sun Ultra 10)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Jan 31 22:11:46 2004

>I'm still tickled at having a pair of SM91's - I'd never
>seen any 'til these showed up on eBay. Got a late PROM for
>my SS20 and brought 'em up, but it kept crashing when I
>wasn't paying attention, so they're waiting for more round
>tuit's to accumulate.

What is an SM91? I've not heard of that one! Based on the info I just pulled up, and the SM71's and SM81's, I'm assuming that it's a 95Mhz SuperSparc II CPU. Now there is a card to make me jealous! Though I don't think I'd want to try and keep a dual SS20 with those in it!

>Don't know if turning funny colors is called for, but my
>favorites are the SWIFT combo cards - hme 100baseT and a
>"fast" wide SCSI interface.

That one just makes me slightly green. I find a 4-Port Quad more useful, and am actually using one of the Combo cards simply as a Narrow SCSI interface.

>I suddenly doubled the number of SBus cards I own when I
>was picking up SS1000 system boards. I've got hold of 8
>SM81's to load up an SS1000, and three of the later "E"
>system boards, and am hoping that it'll all work with a
>non-"E" enclosure/backplane. That thing's heavy, I don't
>relish having to swap it to make that happen...

Putting together a SS1000 with 8 SM81's would make an interesting desktop to play with, unfortunately I don't really have room for one (and yes, I do know they really aren't that big, I'm that short on space).


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