new find: Sun Ultra 10

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Jan 31 22:33:22 2004

>Then you'd love the dual-90MHz ROSS module I've got (along with a
>single-90 module in an SS20 to create a 3 processor "frankenstein"), or
>the pair of Dual-100MHz ROSS modules I've got in another machine. The
>90s are nicer that the 100s though in my opinion, since they don't take
>up any s-bus slots like the 100MHz ones do. (the heatsink on the 100s
>is two slots wide because those things run HOT! The 90s aren't
>anywhere near as bad.)

Actually the only reason I'd like the dual ROSS HyperSparc modules is to get a Quad system up and running. I don't like HyperSparc CPU's, a 125Mhz, is about the same speed as a 75Mhz SuperSparc II.

>The one thing I like about it is that even though it won't take as much
>memory, and doesn't have as many SBUS slots (or drive bays), the SS20
>with a pair of 100MHz procs is probably just as fast as an 8-way 50MHz
>SS1000, and a small fraction of the weight. Of course, you're limited
>to IIRC 512MB of ram in the machine...

I don't think so, here are the SpecInt/FP 92 numbers for a SS20.
Sun SS20/50 SuprSP 50 20/16 76.9 80.1
Sun SS20/HS11 HyperSP 50/100 256+8/0 104.5 127.6

While the raw power for a single process might be faster on the 100Mhz HyperSparc, overall that 8-way 50Mhz will blow it away. Besides if I was putting an 8-way SS1000 together, I'd be wanting to run it with SM81-2's.


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