Strange Old Disk

From: Gerold Pauler <>
Date: Mon Mar 1 09:36:37 2004

Tom Uban wrote:

> That appears to be a fairly common disk pack as used in drives such as
> an DEC RK05 and similar.

It definitely isn't similar to any RK05 disk pack I ever saw.
But there are a lot of non RK05 14" disk drives.

> There were a number of drive manufactures who
> used that style of disk pack. The number of notches (sector markers) in
> the bottom metal hub ring will give a better idea of what machine the
> pack was likely used with.

The RK05 packs are available with 12 (for pdp11) and 16 (for pdp8)
sectors (13 or 17 notches).

Just my 2 cents
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