Strange Old Disk

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Mon Mar 1 09:32:36 2004

Looks like an DecPack RK05 just a different color.


Neko wrote:

> I picked this disk up the other day knowing almost nothing about
>mainframe storage methods. I've spent hours upon hours trying to figure
>out what exactly this is but the closest thing I can get to it is an
>RL02 removable cartridge disk, but it's not (I think)! I don't see how
>the same drive could read these since the holes are so much different,
>but it's the same general idea.
> I'm not sending attachments, I put them on a
>site for you to look at, the url is ,
>any and all information you could give me about this disk would be
>greatly appreciated, I'm still in the dark about it, and have found very
>little reference at all to CDC ever making a cartridge like this.
>Thank you!
>Best Wishes :)

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