CS-600HD cassette tapes

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Mon Mar 1 09:40:01 2004

I've got a box of 10- CS-600HD cassette tapes (Maxell brand). They are
for a cassette tape backup drive. I bought them from another list member
only to find that the specs I found on my drive neglected to point out
that of the list of tapes it's compatible with, it can only WRITE to one
particular tape, and this one ain't it.

So I'm about to toss them in the trash. If anyone wants them, speak now
or forever hold your piece (sic. for the gun toting people on this list

I'll let them sit on my desk until Friday the 6th. After that, they hit
the trash. The box weighs about 2 lbs, shipped from 07450 (figure about
$6.00 to do priority mail to the west coast, less if you are closer to
the east). Covering postage is all I ask, although if you want to give me
more, I won't complain.

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