Linux Box + DOS 3.2 box + (1)5.25 floppy drive (okidata 3305BU) = HELP!!!!!!!!

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Mon Mar 1 14:41:33 2004

> Add a 3.5" drive to the Compaq.
> The Portable and Portable 286 have enough room above the boards
> to cut a hole to mount a 3.5" drive!

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, Lyos Norezel wrote:
> Does the bios of the Compaq support 3.5" drives?
well enough to use them on every machine that they have ever made
> If it does then I'll start jerryrigging the power wires.
If you do it wrong, you will cause serious damage
commercial adapters are readily available (Roger's, etc.)
> The IDC cable should work as is.
If you are referring to the FDC cable, the Compaq factory cable for that
model has a card-edge connector at the drive end (for 5.25" drives); you
need a dual row header (for 3.5" drives)
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