is anyone on the list using Adobe Acrobat?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Mar 1 22:04:05 2004

> I'm considering buying a copy and I'd like to talk to anyone that's used
> it to scan documents. I have questions about what features are in the
> different versions and what scanner interfaces are supported in the
> different versions.
> Joe

I have a copy of V5, but need to upgrade to V6 as I lost the ability to
scan to Acrobat when I upgraded to Mac OS X (Acrobat V5 didn't support the
feature under Mac OS X). At the time I was using it, I was using it with an
ancient SCSI scanner. As long as you've got drivers for the OS you're
running it on, it should just work (I think it uses the TWAIN drivers,

I really liked it, and I know my Mom loves it for Geneology (except half the
time the people on the receiving end can't figure out how to open an Acrobat

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