PC-Blue, PC-Sig, CUG and other Soft Collections

From: SP <spedraja_at_ono.com>
Date: Wed Mar 3 13:46:57 2004

I dedicated last days to search accross the Internet for the Pc-Blue,
Pc-Sig, CUG, Exec-Pc , PcSoft, PcMagazine utilities, and other collections
of software. My notices was about a growing difficult or even impossible
obtention of some or even all of it. Well, I have some success in my search.
By the moment I could locate these collections:

* Pc-Blue almost complete, from vol001 to vol723. I should need to locate
over 50 lost vols, mostly from the 500-723 group.
* One cd-rom I've located talk about Pc-Red and Pc-Green. What the hell is
this ?
* I could obtain over 2000 vols. of the Pc-Sig collection, and I'm pending
to purchase some cd-rom with parts of the collection availables in Europe
yet. If I understand its way of work, one volume or disk could have diverse
releases but keeping its physical identificacion (example: disk0001.zip). Is
this right ?
* I could locate too in some BBS and Planetmirror the first part of the CUG
library, from volumes 100 to 500 or so.
* About Exec-Pc, I only could have some success with some collections of
games edited in form of magazine years ago. They are in some places related
with games.
* About the rest of Exec-Pc files I couldn't locate nothing with this name,
even in the ExecPc BBS (by the way, I should like to know if the messages to
the SySop arrives to him; I am pending to raise my level to begin to
download some items, mostly of PC-SIG).
* Finally, I couldn't locate nothin of PCSOFT items.

I must review an old collection of over 150 Shareware CD's from the
beginning/middle of the nineties. I'm almost sure they contains some of
these collections and/or files. But all the help is welcome. My intention is
classify all the files and store them in a manner similar to the old Simtel,
Oak, Wuarchive or Cica servers did it.

By the way, I think that someone asked for these items some time ago
(Perhaps Gene for Retoroarchive...)


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