Strange Old Disk, I think I got it!

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Mar 3 18:01:51 2004

> light because of the new information. But it compared 2280 and CDC 9448 =


> I would like some input on that conclusion though because I couldn't =
> find any pictures to help confirm it. Also, and I'll be doing more =
> searching for more info as well, but I still don't know what size these =
> are, or if they even have a standard size for that drive, so any input =

I have a CDC9448. I also have the technical manual for it.

The platters are 14" diameter (or thereabouts). There's a removeable pack
(cartridge) containing 1 platter and 3 fixed platters built into the
drive. Each data surface stores 16 Mbuytes. The removeable pack has 1
data surface and one servo surface (used for positioning the heads), the
fixed platters have 5 data surfaces and 1 servo surface. The drive uses
the appropriate servo surface depending on whether your accessing a fixed
or remvoeable data surface, thus eliminating problems caused by slight
'run out' between the fixed and removeable platters. The total capacity
of the drive is therefore 96 Mbytes.

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