Strange Old Disk, I think I got it!

From: Neko <>
Date: Tue Mar 2 17:00:58 2004

    First off, thank you all for all of your help! And sorry about the missing info, the scale was off because my hands are an above average size, I put some new pictures up though.

    It was actually the comment about wang 2280 from Tom that got me on the right track! I managed to find this site: which compares four disks that are compatable, then after more searching I found this site: which I saw before but in a new light because of the new information. But it compared 2280 and CDC 9448 as a the "same", and also (which I didn't get a chance to tell you all because I got it yesterday) I found an identical disk made by wang, and the model number was 725-0711 (I honestly thought it was a phone number at first, heh). But that confirmed that they're the same.

    Okay, so using those numbers, I found on this site: that says it uses the Pheonix SMD Drive! I know this information is on other sites as well, but without your help I couldn't be sure of what was what until now. So, I'm pretty sure that these disks go into that drive.

    I would like some input on that conclusion though because I couldn't find any pictures to help confirm it. Also, and I'll be doing more searching for more info as well, but I still don't know what size these are, or if they even have a standard size for that drive, so any input there would be great too! Thank you all again, your help is GREATLY appreciated!!

Best Wishes :)
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