9-track tape drive "O" rings?

From: Nico de Jong <nico_at_farumdata.dk>
Date: Thu Mar 4 11:55:22 2004

From: "Brad Parker" <brad_at_heeltoe.com>
> The O ring on my TS-11 ....

I take it that you talk about the write protect ring on the back of the tape
I am happy to send you a few, if nobody nearer reacts (I am located in

Talking of tapes :
It is my experience that some flanges are deformed after some/many years, so
the flange scrapes along the drive. In this case, it is a good idea to take
a ring, rip off the "lip" sticking out, putting the ring upside down on the
tape, take another ring, rip the "lip" off, cut it, divide the ring into two
half rings, and stick one half of the ring inside the other ring. This will
lift the tape 1,5 to 2 mm (0,08" or so) which often is enough to remedy the

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