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Date: Thu Mar 4 17:59:48 2004


        Similar indeed. Your site is impressive no doubt. My aim is more at
systems before "home" computers as we know them.
I'm not into a large busy site, more of a quiet niche site for "real
oldies", ie... IBM, UNIVAC, VAX mainframes etc., with an occasional Altair,
Imsai, early TRS-80, or maybe even a Comodore PET thrown in for good


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Hello Terry,

It's a nice setup and I wish you luck. You've applied some nice mods to
the base PHPBB package.

Please check out www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum if you get a chance.
It seems like we've had similar ideas.

Erik Klein
The Vintage Computer Forum

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        I have been a member of this group for several years, although
not really
contributing anything to it. Now, here's my chance, take a look at
www.ccompforum.com and tell me what you think. Its free, belongs to me,
and is offered as an addition to the resources of this group, for this

        For you test-based folks, it has full email->forum and

Thanks for looking

Terry Freeman
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