TRS-80 Model 12 crt substitution

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Thu Mar 4 18:34:33 2004

> I (when MUCH younger) did a simple test. Put two electrodes into a
> container of distilled water. Measure the current flow.....

> Under the best of cirsumstances I was able to get about 3 minutes of
> negligable current flow. Then it would rise rapidly until if popped
> a breaker, blew a fuse, generated smoke (burning wires), or exploded
> ( Do NOT drop a pinch of salt into the water while running this
> experiment.......)

Interesting. I have a humidifier that, as far as I can tell, works by
running mains current through tap water to heat it up to boiling. I've
opened it up and looked, and, electrically, that's all there is to it:
just two long metal electrodes connected to the mains, dipped into the
water. Works well for its design purpose.

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