MS BASIC for a Panasonic HHC RL-H1400

From: Martin Marshall <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 19:40:48 2004

>>Searching has indicated that a ROM "capsule" containing a version of
>>MicroSoft BASIC was available. Does anyone have one of these capsules, or
>>a dump of a ROM that can be written to a new ROM? The computers that I
>>have came from insurance agents and have insurance software on the ROMs
>>that came with the computers.
>>The insurance ROMs are Motorola MCM 68764C and appear to be UVEPROMs.
> You and the rest of the HHC community. I've got an HHC myself, and all
> mine has are the insurance EPROMs, too. I've done some snooping and found
> other HHC owners, and they're looking for these mythical BASIC ROMs just
> as feverishly!

OK, this raises the question. Is there any _proof_ that these ROMs were ever
produced? Has anyone ever actually _seen_ one of these?

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