The story finally make the paper.

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Subject: The story finally make the paper.

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> Late last fall I asked about talking to the press, the story appeared

Almost a year ago, April 24, 2003, the Toronto Star did an article on
collecting featuring myself and Kevin Stumpf. Even though the guy took lots
of shots in my basement, regretfully only Kevin made the big time, standing
in front of his ex-Ontario Power Generating IBM 1800. (Maybe it was because
he had a tie on and I didn't.)
We got the whole back page of the Technology Today section, well ... except
for a gigantic Canon ad. Kevin's site was mentioned as was my own
collector's list at Geocities (which everyone here should be on!)
If there is any interest, I could scan this aticle and put it up on my site
for a bit.

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