Strange Old Disk, I think I got it!

From: Andreas Holz <>
Date: Wed Mar 3 04:21:20 2004

Hello all,

> I would like some input on that conclusion though because I couldn't find any pictures to help confirm it. Also, and I'll be doing more searching for more info as well, but I still don't know what size these are, or if they even have a standard size for that drive, so any input there would be great too! Thank you all again, your help is GREATLY appreciated!!
A CDC Phoenix 9448 Cartridge Drive (I've two of them) is able to emulate
an RK06/07 drive, the RK07 based on an internal SMD-harddisk. The (your)
cartridge should have the size of an RK06.

Up to know I was'nt able to find any other information about these
drives than from Emulex SMD-Controller manuals.

- Andreas
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