weird find: papertape "patch" puncher

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Fri Mar 5 16:21:44 2004

          "David V. Corbin" <> wrote:

> Ps: does anyone have some of the adhesive papertape patches?
Well, seeing as we're on the subject of papertape hardware, I'd love to get
hold of a papertape punch, reader and a few rolls of papertape. I've been
told nothing beats watching the papertape whizz by as a program is loaded
into RAM. Personally, I think a papertape reader would make a nice addition
to my 6502 single-board computer :). Small size and light weight would be
useful, and operation from 240V AC (or low voltage DC) is essential.
I suppose I could hack together a papertape reader, but I doubt a papertape
punch would be particularly easy to homebrew :(
ISTR someone offered me a punch, reader and a few rolls of paper tape a while
back, but I seem to have lost their email address (something at

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