weird find: papertape "patch" puncher

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 18:23:06 2004

Ps: does anyone have some of the adhesive papertape patches?

Willing to sell a few?

Used to love bring them out (late '70s early 80s ) to a job candidate, and
asking if they knew what they were.

Had a box of them until my last move 2 years cand find them....

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>>> >>>>> "Fred" == Fred N van Kempen <> writes:
>>> Fred> Hi all, Recently I found this really cute, but
>>> weird-looking Fred> thingie. It seems to be a handheld
>>> tool that allowed operators, Fred> field engineers and so
>>> on to manually punch a bit of code onto Fred> paper tape,
>>> or to modify (patch) an existing tape.
>>> Fred> It was made by, or distributed by "Data Processing
>>> Accessories"
>>> Fred> in the U.K.
>>> Fred> Ideas, anyone?
>>> I remember those.
>>> >From what I remember, the more common use for those probably was
>>> splicing or repairing torn tape. If what you're talking
>>> about is the thing I saw, it's a metal base plate with a
>>> full set of holes, and a set of pins where the sprocket
>>> holes are. There are flip-down covers that hold tape onto
>>> the base plate. You can hold down a torn tape with the two
>>> ends lined up, then tape them together with special
>>> adhesive tape that's the width of regular paper tape,
>>> pre-punched with a full set of holes. You can then flip
>>> down the top lid, which has guide holes for a punch pin,
>>> and run the pin down the holes to clean up any overhang
>>> from the patching tape.
>>> And yes, if you need to make a change to a tape, you can do
>>> it with this as well, provided the change only requires
>>> adding holes, not subtracting them. (Well, I suppose you
>>> could subtract by taping pieces of solid tape over the spot
>>> to be changed, and re-punching the holes you want to keep.
>>> That requires using the right kind of tape -- a lot of
>>> adhesive tape is transparent, and that wouldn't work well
>>> at all for tape run through optical readers.)
>>> paul
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