AUI cables in UK?

From: chris <>
Date: Fri Mar 5 19:17:47 2004

>> IIRC, its also used on the Apple DOS cards. I'd have to go check a cable
>> to be sure, but I'm pretty sure its 26 pins, in a DA shell (same size
>> shell as AUI uses)
>That's not correct. The size of the shell is between a DA and DB, and it
>has 19 pins.

Are you sure? Are you thinking of the same cable that I am?

I just did a quick check, and I found via Google a page that gives the
pinout for the Mac's PC Compatibility Card's cable. It shows it as a 26
pin connector.

I'm no longer at work where my cables are, so I can't physically inspect
them. I thought the connector on the DOS Compatibility card was the same
"physical" connector that is on the PC Compatibility card (although the
cables, and I believe the pinouts are different). Again, I can't
physically check mine, so I can't be 100% sure. Maybe the DOS card
version was different (I know the cable for the DOS card is a 4 headed
cable as it breaks out the joystick via the cable, while the cable for
the PC card is a 3 headed cable with the joystick port residing on the
card itself).

And of course, Apple had a 3rd style card for the Performa 630/640 DOS
model. I haven't really played much with mine of that model, so I don't
know what it has (actually, I seem to recall that it didn't use a
loopback cable at all)

And then there are always the Orange Micro versions, all bets are off
with those. I've never really played with them.

But maybe you are thinking of a different card then I am. Apple also had
an Apple IIe card for the Mac that had a loopback cable. I don't recall
what it has for connectors. And I have no idea what possible cards there
were for the Apple II series, or what possible other similar cards were
for the Mac beyond Apple's, Orange Micro's, and Reply's (which was really
the same as the first Apple card as it was built by Reply and first only
available from Apple, later to be available directly from Reply)

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