AUI cables in UK?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Mar 6 05:35:37 2004

On Mar 5, 22:47, Tony Duell wrote:
> > As Paul and der Mouse suggested, I agree that it would be worth
> > up a short flexible AUI cable. Cat 5 is 100-ohm, and ribbon cable
> > not far off that IIRC; you could use STP instead of UTP to get the
> > shield (some Sun cables are STP), or just ignore it for really a
> > (a few inches) cable. Or a chunk of old good-quality serial cable
> I wonder if IDC cable would work for a very short (a few inches)
> Just enough to turn the transceiver 'round the corner' or whatever.

I'm fairly sure it would, and that's what I meant when I mentioned
ribbon cable. Didn't der Mouse suggest that? I have a Newbridge ATM
Route Server which is a Sun chassis mounted in a Newbridge box, and I'm
fairly sure it has a similar arrangement to connect the Sun port to the
panel on the Newbridge case.

I'm a great believer in adhering to standards. Most of the time :-)
 In this case the standard says, in effect, "use this cable and this
layout and it's guaranteed to work". It doesn't say it's guaranteed
not to work if you don't :-)

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